Wedding Guest Etiquette

Uploaded by Joe Hy Photography on 2019-06-04.

It’s Not About You

This is not your wedding day, so it’s ok if it’s not your style. Bring your genuine support and check the criticism at the door. When your wedding day rolls around, you can do it your way; but for today, celebrate the couple.


That invitation you received? No doubt it came with a little RSVP card or instructions on how to RSVP. If you don’t know right now whether you can go to the wedding, set a reminder before the RSVP date to let the couple know before the deadline. They’re busy with wedding planning and shouldn’t need to spend extra time tracking responses down.

Read The Info

When you open your invitation, grab your phone and enter details like times and addresses for wedding events. If a wedding website is listed, check it out! Being informed is your responsibility.

Be Encouraging

Wedding days may be the worst days to be a debbie downer. Be the one who brings a calming, reassuring and encouraging presence. Likely the couple is dealing with some nerves on this day combined with an incredible amount of emotion.

Be Present

You’ve probably been to a wedding where a guest is out in the aisle with their iPad…don’t be that guest! No doubt, a professional wedding photographer has been hired to document the day. Let them be the ones experiencing it through the lens.

Dress Well

Dust off your dressy slacks and find a tutorial on YouTube for tying your tie. Even when casual dress is noted on the invitation, please please please don’t go in a hoodie or tank top!

Respect the Bar

That open bar? It’s there for your enjoyment, so pace yourself and keep it enjoyable for everyone. No one really wants to hear your slurred and off-key impromptu karaoke (and throwing up at wedding really ruins the vibe.) Stay classy!

Enjoy & Celebrate!